Diagnostic Immunology

Immunology is that the study of molecules, cells, and organs that structure the system. The operate of the system is to acknowledge self-antigens from non-self-antigens and defend the body against non-self (foreign) agents. Through specific and non-specific defence mechanisms, the body’s system is throughout a grip to react to microorganism pathogens and shield against unwellness. If the inflammation remains aggravated, antibody-mediated reaction is activated and differing types of immune cells area unit engaged to resolve the unwellness. The system consists of cellular and body substance components. to help at intervals the diagnosing of unwellness caused by infectious microorganisms, immunoassays area unit developed. Bodily fluid is then isolated and therefore the concentration of antibodies is measured through numerous ways. Most assays believe the formation of big immune complexes once associate protein binds to a particular substance which may be detected in resolution or in gels. Recent ways use pure associate bodies or antigens that area unit immobilized on a platform that area unit typically measured victimization an indicator molecule. These ways offer high sensitivity and specificity and became commonplace techniques in diagnostic medical specialty.


  • Immunoglobulin-G

  • Immunoglobulin-M

  • Precipitin

  • Erythrocytes

  • Immunoglobulin-G

  • Immunoglobulin-M

  • Serology

  • Precipitin

  • Erythrocytes

  • Systemic hyper

  • Inflammation Vasodilation


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